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I guess I should stick this all behind LJ – cut? I mean, has anyone who cares really not seen this yet? But to be safe…

I should probably say, first off, that I actually really did like the 50th anniversary special. But it's hard, looking back, to not be a little peeved. Okay, I was actually a little peeved right away. I love very much of it, don't get me wrong. And I'm not even all pissed off that Ten and Rose didn't get to have any time together, because her as The Moment's conscience/Bad Wolf was pretty great. But I really, really wish it would have ended with the three of them all pushing the red button together. I was totally crying, it would have been perfect. But in retrospect, I guess that would really be more of an RTD angsty ending. Still it would have been, I don't know... RIGHT.

I mean if Gallifrey is all locked, aren't they perpetually all locked in a war? With Daleks? So all those children don't die but are suffering, or running in fear...forever? And what about the Final Sanction, Rassilon, the Master, what happens to all of them? What about the Master's sacrifice in The End of Time?

And while I appreciate that the other Doctors don't remember what's happened and their characters are intact, it just doesn't seem right that their suffering was basically for nothing now.

This bothered me. Tremendously. And I know it's all platform to bring Gallifrey back later on, but I wasn't happy.

That said, before that ending, i really don't think this special set a foot wrong. You know, apart from David Tennant's hair. And the fact that the Time Lords in charge were... good? Especially since the Night of the Doctor short set them up as being kind of terrible, which is in keeping with the End of Time.

Oh, but wait, I was talking about the things I loved. Which really was mostly everything. Well, except for all the Elizabeth stuff. And I really wish I wasn't spoiled for her being part of the special. Dammit, there I went again. And really, this didn't seem like the Tome Lord Victorious Ten on spring break did it? And when exactly did he and Elizabeth seal the deal, anyway?

Ahem. Ten and Eleven and the War Doctor were SO awesome together. I loved Billie Piper as The Moment's conscience. And though I don't love how the Time War was 'resolved' in this episode I do rather love that it was, once again, the Bad Wolf ending the Time War with life. And Billie Piper was altogether pretty fucking amazing.

And seeing it in a theater full of fans was pretty great too. And in 3-D. Which at first was a little overwhelming, but then I got used to it. And I only rolled my eyes once, I think. And I actually said out loud, "cheap." You can probably guess when. It may have been Ten saying... well I don't have to fill in that blank, do I? You have to touch his motherfucking last words? Because dang that was just kinda mean. Also, didn't really make sense.

All in all, despite all my griping here, I was pleasantly surprised with the special. It was actually much better than I expected. I just wish it wasn't in places so, you know... Moffat.

Do take that all with a grain of salt. I've been up since around 2:30 AM. I'm still having all sorts of jet lag.
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