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So here's the thing. I didn't love it. Kind of like, at all. And I feel like I'm the only person on the planet to feel that way. Talked to my friend right after viewing, and unloaded about how contrived and trite everything felt to me, and I think I shocked her.

But after all the buildup and secrecy, I suppose a let-down is inevitable (although if only I was let down, I don't know) and I'm not really blaming the show as much as I'm surprised it went... totally expected and predictable places. The only thing... twisty, is the Claire thing, which, while interesting, and I do love me some Eve Myles, I feel completely undercuts Hardy's hard-fought character development in the first series.

Is it a surprise Joe decided to go for a trial (and btw, why does entering a plea in a confession case take six months?)? Eh. Not really, if it leads to two amazeballs lawyers with a preexisting personal gripe duking it out in the courtroom. YAWN. Not that this can't be done well, but HOW many times has it been done before? The whole thing about Broadchurch's success is that it was different from crime drama that came before. It doesn't feel different anymore. It feels like kicking a dead horse and that saddens me.

The worst bit, and it probably formed most of this opinion, in that I could have let the other things slide without harsh judgement, was the bit near the end with the exhumation. Like... hmm, how do we ramp up the drama for recovering parents, Ooh! I know! Let's pull up their dead kid. The point, as I understood it, was to show is this grieving family/community after the death of a child and a grueling investigation. Not to invent reasons to keep all the drama HIGH HIGH HIGH. And I just don't buy FOR A SECOND Beth's screaming rant at Ellie. Not for a second.

It doesn't feel like the same world or same show to me anymore. Everything that made the first series great is virtually gone. The Hardy/Miller scenes were great, and it was nice to see the characters again, and sure, I want to know what happened in Sandbrook, but if this is just going to be a find the stalker, prove he did it / courtroom drama, I don't even care.

That said, of course I'm along for the ride. It's still pretty, after all. I CARE about the characters, even if how they're handled bothers me. And I'm very much hoping, even expecting, to eat my hat re: this post. To be surprised by where this show goes in the future, and to love it. I don't know why all the secrecy surrounding it otherwise. And I do have faith in Chibbers (and whateva haters, I really LIKED Gracepoint, and still feel the murder was better done in that).

And seriously, I didn't hate it like this post suggests. I enjoyed watching it. I just was surprised by total lack of... surprise, I guess.

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