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I liked it! And now...

I love Clara. Like love. She is just awesome. She's very... I dunno, real, without being too real. Awesome but flawed enough to make her relatable. And it's done delicately enough that I'm not like, 'oh they're just putting whatever in to make me like her. She feels.... organic.

I liked this episode. A lot. Maybe nearly loved this episode. It had a pretty major problem, that of the beastie itself (because really, why was it all terror-inducing and psychologically oogly booglying if he just wanted his girlfriend back. Why the evil laughing. And another thing... Um, doesn't the Doctor himself have some pretty strong psychic capabilities? Why couldn't he do any of the portal stuff (just because he needed to go to the pocket universe himself?)?

But other than that??? Loved it. Loved the spooky old house on the moor. Loved the ghost-hunter-war-hero-in-love character, and really liked our friendly neighborhood empath (in her rockin'70's dress).

Though, as an aside... dude didn't look quite old enough to be what he said he was in the war, if it was 1974. Whatever.

I think the attention to detail in this was great. The music, the spooky mixed with the comedy, the modern and the old and the very old, and the TARDIS.


And Clara, realizing (or not) what it all means. What she thinks humans might be.... Loved it. Not SURE I liked the Doctor's answer. But I loved the moment.

And I think this is Doctor/Companion romantical (yes, romantical) ambiguity done right. Not only do we not know if they're Like That, neither do they! Not yet, anyway. It's weird to really like Clara and really like her with the Doctor and LIKE those will they/won't they touches and NOT ship it, but there I am.

Please to stay this good, show. And don't do last week again. Which wasn't terrible, just... blah.

And there was something... a hint of what's to come in the long run, but I can't remember it now... So, I'll leave you with that.

Someone make me a Clara icon?
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